The Old Stake 1901 Vineyard

Dancing Crow would like to introduce a new member of our family: the Old Stake 1901 Vineyard near Kelseyville. It offers a fascinating collection of ancient vines – some of which are 118 years old – making this one of the oldest vineyards in Lake County. As you can see in the photo below, some of the varietals are quite unusual – we’ll be exploring them more in future posts.

The wine from this site will become a true “Field Blend” and completely site-specific with at least 12 different varietals identified and fermented together.

This year’s first harvest went well, thanks to the diligent, mostly female vineyard workers, who carefully picked the grapes from these centenarian vines. Our winemakers, David and Katharine, love the quality of the fruit and are very excited about this wine’s rare and unique characteristics and potential.

One response to “The Old Stake 1901 Vineyard”

  1. Charles Richardson says:

    I just opened a bottle of this and I like it quite a bit. Complex flavors but friendly. It is hard to figure out what exactly it is. I imagine that’s because it’s 20 different things. Soft tannins, well structured. I like it a lot.

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