2020 Rosé – Top of its Class


Our 2020 Rosé of Syrah from Lake County is the first wine we’ve released from the new vintage, which is always exciting. We’re also delighted to have stellar recognition for the wine right out of the gate.

At the recent 2021 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition this wine was chosen as the Best Rosé in the entire SFCWC, which is the largest wine competition of North American wines and features nearly 5,700 entries from over 1,000 wineries.

You might enjoy these two short videos of our winemakers, David and Katharine DeSante, talking about the Syrah vineyard which produces the Rosé and their winemaking process

Here’s some more information about this lovely wine, which is perfect for the spring season.

The 2020 Growing Season

The Lake County 2020 vintage was an interesting one to say the least. Between COVID-19 and the wildfires in the surrounding counties of Napa and Sonoma it was definitely a challenging harvest. However, we are learning how to adapt and excel when Mother Nature throws a few curve balls our way, and we are very enthusiastic about the quality of the wine we produced from this vintage. For 2020, Rosé and White wines from Lake County are showing particularly well, with lighter yields but exceptional grape quality. The weather was mild through most of the growing season, followed by a manageable heat spike in September, which meant that harvest began slightly earlier than normal.

Winemaking and Tasting Notes

The Syrah grapes were hand picked at just around 21° Brix. 50% of the grapes are put through a classic “white pressing program” and the other 50% go through a “Champagne pressing” program. The former gives us more flavor and color, while the latter gives us a wine that has intriguing aromas and more elegant texture. Combining the two optimizes the qualities of the fruit and creates a fresh, subtle yet complex wine in the Provençal style. We added a little of our Sauvignon Blanc for brightness and aromatics.

The color of this wine entices with its pale pink hues. On the nose, aromas of floral jasmine and Alpine Strawberry abound. After the wine eases over the palate, flavors of ripe strawberries and Bartlett pears become readily apparent. The finish boasts notes of clover honey accented by a refreshing minerality. Much in the French style, this Rosé delivers just a suggestion of color, but follows with an abundance of freshness, complexity and flavor. Alcohol: 12.5%.

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