Harvest 2017

Excellent quality and generous yields were seen throughout most of Lake County and its sub-appellations in 2017. Harvest began a week or so later than normal and continued through mid-October, with a few vintners still picking during the last week of the month. The rains of winter were well received and replenished the much-needed ground water, and were particularly valuable in helping the land to heal from the 2015 and 2016 wildfires.

The end of the growing season saw a few heat spikes, but no detrimental effects were reported as growers used preemptive irrigation to avert vine stress – and Lake County grapes tend to be more resilient due to their increased UV light exposure.

October saw a return to cooler temperatures, giving the fruit opportunity for longer hangtime, which winemakers reported, added to the depth and complexity of the 2017 vintage