July Rising filmed in Lake County

Lake County is a bit off the beaten path, lying between two of California’s major highways, 101 to the west and Interstate 80 to the east. All the roads into the region are narrow and winding as they climb to the 1400 plateau where Clearlake sits.

It is unusual to find a film that uses this county as a location, but we are delighted to have discovered July Rising (2019). Not only are many of the locations very close to our vineyards, but they also highlight the beautiful pear orchards that the county has long been famous for. We not only see the pears, but also some of the equally famous crows!


July Rising was written and directed by Chauncey Crail, who is part of the family that owned and farmed Dancing Crow before we bought the vineyard. He features a bottle of Dancing Crow in the movie – our first product placement! Thanks Chauncey.



Check out the film on YouTube

Here’s a plot summary – When sixteen-year old Andy inherits her grandfather’s orchard and becomes the ward of her aunt from the city, she must navigate the path to her future from a small town where choice and agency have never been options for young women.

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