Old Stake 1901 Vineyard is Certified Sustainable

At the end of last year we announced a new member of the Dancing Crow family – the newly acquired Old Stake 1901 Vineyard. This historic site, first planted at the turn of the last century, continues to surprise us. We have now identified over 16 different varieties planted and, more to the point, we now have our first vintage in hand. The wine is currently aging on oak and getting ready to be bottled next month.

front label of Old Stake 1901 Vineyard wine

Here’s a preview of the new label

The unique combination of grape varieties, some over a century old, create a field blend that could not be replicated anywhere else. We are very pleased that the wine itself is proving to be as unusual as the location. It will be released in the Autumn so keep in touch.

We also found out at the end of May that the Old Stake 1901 Vineyard had been certified sustainable by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance sharing this distinction with our Dancing Crow Sauvignon Blanc vineyard just a few miles away.

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