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Dancing Crow Vineyards was very pleased to donate wine to the recent Whole Kids Foundation fundraising dinner at the Asian Cultural Center in Oakland, California.


Whole Kids Foundation Unites with Top Chefs to Raise $100,000 and Fund 50 New School Beehives

Whole Kids Foundation, a non-profit created by Whole Foods Market, is on a mission to improve children’s nutrition and wellness by educating and inspiring kids, families, teachers and schools to make healthier food choices, helping kids build better habits for a lifetime.

They also offer educational beehive grants to schools so kids can learn about the important role that pollinators play in our ecosystem and the foods that we eat.

Throughout June, WKF promoted their Give Bees A Chance Campaign to build awareness about pollinators and raise donations so they can grant more beehives to schools. They are also partnering with chefs across the country, because who better to understand this precarious relationship between pollinators and our food than chefs?

In the San Francisco Bay area: Top Chef alumni Melissa King and Tu David Phuat Oakland Asian Cultural Center where wines donated by Dancing Crow were served.

In Houston: acclaimed Rainbow Lodge Chef Mark Schmidt with owner Donnette Hansen.

In Atlanta: James Beard Award–winning Chef Anne Quatrano of Bacchanalia.

The month long fundraising effort supported the organization’s Bee Grant Program, which provides educational beehives to schools and nonprofits.

Honeybees pollinate more than 100 types of crops in the US, however, recent studies by the United States Department of Agriculture show large-scale losses in bee colonies. Threats to their colonies include pesticides, mites and beetles, diseases, starvation, extreme weather conditions and insufficient foliage. Beyond the honeybee, things get even more dire. According to the Xerces Society, more than one-fourth of North America’s bumblebee species are at risk for extinction.

“Through the Give Bees A Chance campaign, we’re giving kids access to educational beehives where they can observe bees up close and learn about the vital role these pollinators play in growing our food,” said Nona Evans, president and executive director of Whole Kids Foundation. “These opportunities help empower kids to become stewards for pollinators and the rest of the natural environment.”

Participating chefs include Melissa King, a finalist for Bravo TV’s “Top Chef” Season 12, who trained at three Michelin star award–winning restaurants after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America — Campton Place, Luce and The Ritz-Carlton Dining Room. She was joined by Tu David Phu, also a featured contestant of Bravo TV’s “Top Chef” Season 15, who has worked at some of the finest dining establishments in the U.S., including San Francisco’s famed Acquerello, Michelin-starred Daniel in New York City and the Bay Area’s Chez Panisse.

Both chefs are Whole Foods Market Chef Ambassadors.

“Every culture has distinct, beautiful flavors that are driven by specific core ingredients. Our bee friends are truly our partners in ensuring that these unique flavors continue to be shared between generations and between communities everywhere. Our creativity thrives when we get to work with a wide range of fresh ingredients. They’re really like the crayons to our culinary coloring book, and if half of our palette of colors were gone, it would really limit the opportunity to share beautiful dishes made from ingredients and spices that our guests love.” Chef Melissa King.

Dancing Crow invites anyone interested in supporting the effort of the Whole Kids Foundation to learn more by visiting their website for information and activities for kids and families.

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