Wine Enthusiast reviews our Sauvignon Blanc

The Wine Enthusiast recently reviewed our 2017 Sauvignon Blanc as part of an article on California white wines – here’s what they said:

This is a nicely tart, palate-cleansing wine with plenty of fruit acidity, rather light body and vivid lemon, grapefruit and fresh herb flavors. It tastes bracing and crisp, making it a great choice with appetizers and on hot summer days. —Jim Gordon  – 90 points.

photo of Sauvignon Blanc grapes about to flower

Our Sauvignon Blanc vines typically bloom in June

Some highlights from the article specifically about Sauvignon Blanc  follow below. A link to the full article is at the end of the post.

California’s White Wines Still Reign Supreme


 Sauvignon Blanc – The Vibrant Vanguard

Sauvignon Blanc was first planted in California in the Livermore Valley in the 19th century. Across the state, there are nearly 15,000 acres devoted to it, which makes Sauvignon Blanc the fourth most planted white after Chardonnay,  Colombard (which is primarily used for bulk white-wine blends or distillation) and Pinot Gris/Grigio.

According to 2017 USDA figures, Napa Valley is home to the most Sauvignon Blanc in the state, at 2,715 acres, Sonoma County is next at 2,611 acres, with Dry Creek Valley its strongest advocate, Lake County is another significant player, with a little more than 2,000 acres under vine.

Across California’s various AVAs and producers, the grape takes on an array of styles that are similar to other regions, from New Zealand to France’s Loire Valley or Bordeaux. They range from wines fermented and aged entirely in new French oak to all stainless steel offerings (like Dancing Crow Vineyards Lake County Sauvignon Blanc. – our addition)

Perhaps the variety doesn’t always get the respect it deserves – the press doesn’t rate it as a wine with elegance and grace, and uses a different scale than it might for Chardonnay or imports.

I love this variety,” says Robin Lail of Lail Vineyards. “It has so much to bring to the table. I love the differentiation. There’s no proper way to make Sauvignon Blanc. It’s just meant to sing its own song.

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