Dancing Crow


One cool, Spring day in the shadow of Mt. Konocti, a family came to lay out their vineyard using straw to mark the vines. While feasting during their midday lunch they saw a murder of crows dancing around the straw, which made them laugh. Yet, when they looked again, the crows and the straw were gone. The family learned two things that day: be wary of dancing crows, and what to name their vineyard.

Dancing Crow Vineyards’ Winemaker David DeSante

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Quote of the Day: 

“If you’re looking for a food-wine under the category ‘Cabernet Sauvignon’ on your list and want California instead of a hard-sell Medoc or St. Em or Superiore, this is something I would look at. If this were on a list I would order it Every. Single. Day.”

– Stephen McConnell/SOIF – review of the 2016 Dancing Crow Cab Sauv (8/13/18)

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Sauvignon Blanc

There is a spirit of place within the Dancing Crow vineyard. The land itself is an exciting balance between untamed wilderness and Sustainable farming practices, with the end result being a Sauvignon Blanc that dances between the Old World and the New.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Something to Crow about... Lake County's dramatically unique terroir is the result of a tremendous 11,000 year-old volcanic eruption, an elevated mountain climate and its proximity to Clear Lake - one of the largest freshwater lakes in California. Lake County's fertile soils are complemented by hot days and cool nights, which allows for optimum balance between fruit, tannins and acidity.

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