Our Story

As champions of the region, Dancing Crow is a family-owned and operated winery with a shared winemaking legacy spanning four generations. We specialize in sustainably grown, French-style wines. The unique combination of volcanic soil, high-elevation vineyards, and mountain-grown fruit allows us to make a more delicate alternative to the traditionally bolder Napa Valley wines you might be used to. Our flagship variety, Sauvignon Blanc, grows beautifully in the region’s abundant sunshine and clean mountain air and is celebrated for its citrus flavors and good acidity.


With an award-winning track record of 90+ point wines, we aim to make delicious, approachable wines that exceed their price and expand your wine-tasting horizons.

We craft aromatic, French-style wines from Lake County vines

Stewards of the Soil

All 50 acres of our vineyards are 100% certified sustainable to protect and renew the land.

Family Owned & Operated

You’re All Invited! We welcome our community to explore wine at their own pace.

Picnic to Dinner Party

Delicious wines that over-deliver at their price so wine lovers can enjoy them on any occasion.

It Began with a Murder (of sorts)

While not the most common start, our story begins with a murder – of crows. When the first vines were planted on our land, straw was used to show where the buds should go. While a useful marker, straw is also a crow’s favorite find. When lunchtime rolled around, and the family took a well-deserved break, they were yet to realize they had been eagerly watched the whole time. Unexpectedly and all at once, a murder of

crows swooped into the fledgling vineyard. The crows seemingly danced around the straw in an orchestrated flurry of black-winged movement and squawks. While the onlookers laughed in surprise, when they looked again, the crows and the straws were gone! The family learned two things that day: never underestimate a dancing crow and what to name their vineyard.

A Fruitful Vision

Dancing Crow founder Tony Cartlidge decided to make wine in Lake County in 2006. With over 30 years of winemaking to his name, Tony first discovered Lake County when he made a single vineyard Sauvignon Blanc from the region that year. Back then, there were only a handful of wineries in the area – but Tony had a keen eye for potential. His vision proved fruitful. The wine was so well-received that Tony decided to investigate further. Together with his wife, Sarah Forni, and sons Adam Forni and Stefan Cartlidge, Dancing Crow was founded in 2013.


At the start, the family only produced one wine: a fresh, aromatic Sauvignon Blanc that remains the flagship. Yet, thanks to Lake County’s propensity to create bright, concentrated red wine, Dancing Crow now works with 30 sustainably grown varieties from top Lake County appellations.

Less is more

Under the guidance of rising star winemaker Scott Kirkpatrick, our winemaking approach is less is more to achieve the best reflection of the terroir. We also intend to seek out burgeoning wine areas deserving of recognition and attention. That’s exactly why we have decided to make our home base in Mendocino County. Not only does this help us invite people to discover a new region, but it also serves as the gateway to other parts of the area.

Our Collection

Newcomers can get a taste of Lake County by starting with our foundational Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, Zinfandel, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Dancing Crow range also offers a Chardonnay and Rhône-style blend called Corbeau Rusé (meaning mischievous crow).

Our collection is rounded off with a site-specific field blend called Old Stake 1901. This Old World-style Field Blend comprises over 24 Californian heritage grape varieties that are 120 years old and co-fermented to create an exceptional wine.


You’re Invited


In April of 2023, we proudly opened our doors to our new Mendocino County Winery and Tasting Room.

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Dancing Crow
Dancing Crow