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Crows Nest Tasting

10 am — 5:30 pm Thursday-Monday

2-6 Guests

$25 Per Guest


Experience the best of Lake County with “Crows Nest” wine tasting at Dancing Crow Vineyards. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable wine tasting adventure and discover the essence of the region’s terroir. Our expert staff will guide you through an exclusive selection of wines, including our 2021 Rosé, 2022 Farmer’s Cuvée, 2021 Corbeau Rusé, 2021 Old Stake Cabernet, and 2021 Old Stake Field Blend. Each wine boasts its own unique flavor profile, featuring succulent notes of watermelon, lime zest, blueberry, and dark plum. Indulge in the best of what wine country has to offer as you take in the scenic views of our picturesque vineyards.


Reserve now to discover more about our exceptional wine selection and plan your visit to Dancing Crow Vineyards. We look forward to welcoming you to “Crow’s Nest Tasting”.


Discover the succulent flavors of herbaceous watermelon, dried herbs, and honeydew melon with our 2021 Rosé. Our 2022 Farmer’s Cuvée offers generous aromas of lime zest and white flowers with flavors of white peach and Meyer lemon, culminating in a crisp, full-flavored finish. Looking for a red wine? Our 2021 Corbeau Rusé boasts luscious flavors of blueberry, black cherry, and ripe fig with a nose that delights in aromas of red fruit tart, plum, and gardenias.

Finally, experience the rare and opulent 2021 Old Stake Field Blend from Kelsey Bench, which consists of more than 20 different Old-World Pre Prohibition grape varieties, including flavors of wild blackberry, boysenberry, and lavender with a spicy, mocha finish. Come savor the flavors of our exclusive wine selection while taking in the stunning vineyard views at “Crow’s Nest Tasting.”

Wine Selection

Interested in discovering more about the exclusive selection of wines featured in our “Crow’s Nest Tasting”? Follow the link below and discover the unique characteristics of each wine, including the aromas and tasting notes that make them stand out.


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